We Repair and Service All Brands

Walk-in or appointments welcome!

The hearing aid is an incredible little piece of technology. Even with their miniature size, they house a great deal of state-of-the-art components that perform advanced operations all day every day. But like all devices, hearing aids will on occasion require maintenance. Fortunately, we repair and service all brands, models, and variety of hearing aids, even if they are not purchased from us.

We provide repairs right here at our office, but if your device requires a complex repair or for repairs covered by warranty, we can send your hearing aid directly to the manufacturer on your behalf.

In-house professional repair TODAY

Despite your best efforts, all hearing aids will likely require repair at some point. When a repair is needeed, we understand how difficult it can be to go without a functioning hearing aid and because of this, walk-ins are always welcome. In many cases, we can find, inform you, and repair the device while you wait in our office.

Hearing aid troubleshooting

To avoid the difficulty of having to bring in your device for repair, here are some quick tips to hopefully fix your hearing aid at home:

  • Check to ensure the device is on and the volume is high enough
  • Replace the battery/ensure the battery is properly seated
  • Clean away wax and debris (avoid detergents)
  • Replace wax filter if applicable
  • Inspect tubing of behind the ear (BTE) and receiver in canal (RIC) models for wear and tear