Audiologist Services

Improve your hearing health, see if you need a hearing aid, and start or continue the process to hear better!

Hearing Consultation

Through a series of tests and technologies utilizing the latest standard-of-care methods, we will determine the type and degree of hearing loss you have.
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Hearing Aid Consultation

Using personalized demonstrations, we find a custom solution to your unique hearing problems to fit your needs and lifestyle.
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Hearing Aid Repair

We provide cleaning and repair services for all makes and models of hearing aids, even if they are not from us, at our office. By appointment or walk in!
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Hearing Aid Clean & Check

We make sure your device is well cared for and maintained. Don’t want for it to malfunction, let us catch problems for you before they happen.
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Tinnitus Treatment

We will test you for tinnitus and help you find solutions to mitigate its symptoms
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Custom Devices

We will make an impression of your ear canal to use with a variety of custom equipment and accessories.